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Need your boat surveyed?

We can provide you with an expert marine surveying service in London, that can work independently to provide you with professional advice and an unbiased opinion. Our team can undertake tonnage surveying, insurance surveying and vessel valuations, as well as boat surveying, all for a competitive price.

As members of The International Institute of Marine Surveying, we pride ourselves on always offering a first class service to all types of marine vehicles, whether you have a speedboat or a ferry.

Selling your yacht?

We offer an excellent valuation service for vessels as well pre purchase marine surveying so that you know you are buying something at the right price. For more information please contact us today.

Our marine surveys include:

• Tonnage surveying

• Insurance surveying

• Pre purchase surveying

• Annual & interim surveying

• Vessel valuations

Want a tonnage survey done? Call us on 07836 584 148

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